There are a number of ways you can get involved to support Suffolk Oxygen Therapy Centre; join in with an upcoming event, start your shopping using easyFundraising, volunteering for an event or take up a challenge for the centre for more information click on a corresponding image.

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Up coming events why not get involved
Fundraising through completing challenges
Gratefully received donations
Generate donations while you Shop online as normal with no added cost to you
Win up to £25,000 whilst supporting Suffolk oxygen therapy centre

Donations and Grants received

  • The Easter raffle raised £363

  • Miss Bee Have and Glamour Girls held a concert to raise money for MS charities and donated an amazing £1100 to the centre

  • The Oddfellows Society who are regular supporters of the centre have given a donation of £50

  • Ipswich Waitrose has given a donation of £300

  • The Coin collection at Asda raised £250

  • The centre has received a grant of £700 from the Rank Foundation Pebbles grant scheme for renovations of the chambers

Thankyou for your support!

Fundraising events and donations makes a massive difference and helps Suffolk Oxygen Therapy Centre to continue to provide oxygen therapy and support clients with MS and many other conditions.

The centre is funded entirely from donations if you would like to make a donation or fundraise to support the centre join our just giving page or donate using PayPal giving fund any support received is really appreciated and helps the centre to remain open.