Oxygen Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Before outlining the benefits of Oxygen Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis it must be understood that this therapy is NOT a cure for the condition.  The main aim is to stabilise the condition and improve the quality of life.  After therapy, many MS patients reported improvements in their overall symptoms.  Patients have reported improvements in levels of fatigue, speech, balance, bladder control and walking.

Research from the University of Dundee has shown that with the inflammation that is typical of MS, the transport of oxygen is severely limited by tissue swelling. It has shown that there may be a severe lack of oxygen in the affected areas during an ‘MS flare’.  When oxygen is needed most to reduce swelling and help prevent scarring or plaque formation it cannot reach the tissue in sufficient quantity.  With the help of extra oxygen, the body’s ability to heal and limit some of the damage caused is therefore possible.

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Compared to what life was like before therapy I’m doing very nicely and shall continue to have therapy at the Suffolk Oxygen Therapy Centre for as long as possible.
Peter Sims - Member with Multiple Sclerosis