Can Oxygen Therapy work for you?

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Suffolk Oxygen Therapy Centre (also trading as Suffolk MS Therapy Centre) was one of the first of its kind specifically designed to offer oxygen therapy to people with Multiple Sclerosis. The charity has since grown and we are now able to offer support to people living with a range of conditions, such as other neurological conditions, cerebral palsy, cancer, pre and post-surgical procedures, long covid and many others.

Oxygen therapy is breathing pure oxygen under increased pressure providing a significant increase in concentration of oxygen dissolved in the bloodstream. Oxygen is an essential substance in the repair of tissue; an increase in concentration assists in the natural healing process.

Oxygen therapy may assist with:

  • Reducing swelling
  • Enhancing the ability of white blood cells to fight bacteria
  • Encourages new blood vessels to grow
  • Repairing radiotherapy tissue damage

I have had long covid for nearly 18 months, my life has changed from being a very active female to spending days on the sofa. Oxygen therapy has changed my life, I have more energy I no longer feel fatigued like I used to, and I am now able to swim and walk far more than I have done since contracting covid. I actually feel like my old self! I would recommend trying it to anyone.

Linda Randall

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The warm welcome, positivity, and support I receive from the centre are priceless... I would encourage anyone living with MS to pay the team a visit.
Jude Crowley